Proof By Design

Building web applications since 1997

Here are a few of our recent projects. See Rob Kent's CV for more details.

PlainSail Technologies PlainSail is a new, state-of-the-art trust and fidicuiary management application developed by industry insiders who truly understand the needs of the trust and fiduciary services industry. Its core features are client management, document management, risk management, bookkeeping, and fees, all designed and built with security as a main concern. Built using WPF and Entity Framework, it also has a minimal web client written in Angular 2.
The Pensions Regulator Developed various products using NHibernate, MVC, and the normal gallimaufry of OSS components.
Lloyds TSB We designed and developed a new web framework for the Credit and Collections team which acts as the backbone for all their new web applications. The framework we delivered encompasses security, data persistence, logging, auditing, and MVC UI utilities. We then wrote four web applications based on the framework, working with Lloyds in-house developers. As part of the handover, we wrote and delivered a training course for their developers, explaining the theory and usage of TDD, ORM, IOC, and MVC.
Reed Business Information Reed were integrating their Request For Quotation web site, KellySearch, with their back-office CRM software, SalesForce. We wrote them a messaging hub (using .NET 3.5 and WCF) that allowed two-way communication between the two systems. They did not want to use an Enterprise Service Bus so we wrote an asynchronous, multi-threaded WCF service with custom mappers between the three domains.
QSoft Consulting QSoft Consulting run the globally successful media brand Gaydar. They wanted a single pricing and payments system for all of their web sites and radio station. We wrote them a sophisticated pricing engine and a plug-and-play payment provider that allows them to create country- and currency-specific pricing for different regions while taking payments through various payment gateways according to an admin-specified schedule.
BidRoute In 2007 we developed the BidRoute web application, a high-performance price-discovery auction site for portfolio trades. This was a joint project with Rapid Addition, who developed the database and business layer. (Note that although successfully launched and well-received by the financial industry, it appears that BidRoute were a victim of the 'credit crunch'.)
FDM Group In 2006 we helped FDM develop BrandIQ, a web-based media intelligence system.
Cofunds In 2006 we worked with Cofunds' in-house developers, migrating their online pension selling to the web.
Kroll In 2005 we developed the Business Intelligence reporting system for Kroll's background screening product EVS.